The Tickle Monster has arrived!




I’m so excited to share with everyone that the very first copy of The Tickle Monster book has arrived! See picture above!

There actually was a time when I thought that it would never be anything more than a fantasy – me publishing a book for people to actually read – that I didn’t quite believe it when I received a phonecall telling me that the book prototype was ready to collect. I was so nervous when I was first handed the book that I almost didn’t want to look at it. I kept thinking, what if it wasn’t how I’d expected it would look? What if it didn’t look as professional as the other picture books out there? What if the entire concept just didn’t work as a book?

The last few weeks, although exciting, have also been nerve-wracking leading up to this point. I understand that I am a person of high expectations but I can also be full of incredible self-doubt; sometimes not trusting my decisions and instincts. So when I finally received the prototype in my shaking hands, all the negative emotions flooding through me disappeared in an instant. When I held the book, I knew without doubt that everything I had done to make my dream a reality, had been the right decision.

I stroked the cover of The Tickle Monster and marvelled at the finish and colours that were more vibrant than what I thought they could ever be. Looking inside was another visual experience and there was absolutely nothing that I felt disappointed with as I gently turned each page. Upon coming home, I raced up the stairs to my son’s bedroom where I pulled his huge pile of picture books down from the top of his bookshelf and flicked through almost every single one – just to compare them with my book. I looked through some of my most favourite picture books and for the first time, I didn’t feel intimidated by their brilliance and beauty. I know that The Tickle Monster is definitely going to hold its own on any bookstore bookshelf and it’s now that the real challenge begins; getting it into the public eye and most importantly selling it.

So, what now? I’m plugging the book as much as I can on the most popular social media channels, emailing local nurseries and toddler groups to come and do readings, publishing the eBook on Amazon (AVAILABLE TO BUY NOW!), setting up The Monster Books website, opening my business bank account and approaching the local radio station to see if they will let me pop along to speak about the book to their listeners. It feels as though this is the hardest bit and I suppose that is true of most start-up businesses. (If only I had my own Lord Sugar with a few grand and camera crew to help me sell my books to Waterstones – wink, wink!)

The book will launch on Tuesday 1st December 2015 and will be available to buy through Although we have had a few pre-orders of the book, I do feel anxious that they may not sell beyond friends and family – eeeek! These do feel like scary but exciting times right now!

As always, thank you for reading and I welcome any ideas, advice or comments

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