My Everest


The Tickle Monster on vacation!

It seems we now find ourselves on the other side of 2015… what surprises will 2016 hold in store for The Tickle Monster and Monster Books Publishing?

Having taken some time off over the Christmas holidays to take a well earned breath and to let the delightful craziness of the last few months of 2015 sink in, Monster Books Publishing are back on the case! I have a big year planned for the Monster Wood Book Series and plan on getting at least another two books published in the next 12 months. Ambitious, I know, but I feel The Tickle Monster has led the way magnificently for me to continue writing the series.

We have now sold out of our first batch of The Tickle Monster – (I think there are two left on Amazon for anyone who would like to buy one and hasn’t done so already). We are also ready to give the okay to our fantastic printers – Spot On Print in High Wycombe – to print the ‘now we are taking this seriously’ load of The Tickle Monster books.

Having taken a few weeks off from promoting and writing, it has given me the opportunity to think about how I would like to promote and sell my books over the next year and beyond. I can now say that I have put my grand plan – isn’t that what the Head Witch says in The Witches?! – into action and am having to constantly remind myself to take a day at a time and complete all the steps that I have set out for myself. I am determined to make something of this, but I am under no illusions that I have a mountain to climb. This next year will be my Everest.

Someone asked me how I felt about pursuing my dream and I used the only word that keeps coming to mind – determined. This determination has risen sharply over the months of creating the book to self-publishing it. I have had some AMAZING people support me through this process – in fact, they have been BEYOND AMAZING! But as always, there are people who find it difficult to be supportive and do not understand what it is that you are trying to achieve. I have come across many of these people over my lifetime and in particular, the last few months whilst trying to publish and sell The Tickle Monster. As horrible as it is to be on the receiving end of these people, I feel that they make me all the more ambitious and yes, determined, to achieve those goals. I don’t take any pleasure in proving people wrong but I do take pleasure in surprising people so that they walk away with a different outlook or different judgement.

My wonderful and supportive Mum said something to me when we did our book launch for The Tickle Monster. She told me that some people may look down on our book and what we are trying to do. They may feel embarrassed by us putting ourselves out there and they may think we are crazy, or even stupid. But we didn’t write this book for them. We wrote it and filled it with imaginative and innovative illustration for all the children out there. We wrote it to put smiles on faces, open imaginations and to encourage dreams of their own. The Tickle Monster is dedicated to my son William, but like my Mum says, it has been written for all children.

Here’s to the next 12 months of Monster Book Publishing. We are only at base camp but the summit is in sight!